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We will work together to determine what will be best for you.

Couselling supports our clients in understanding their feelings and experiences. We then work with them to develop positive coping mechanisms that help them respond more adaptively to negative circumstances and triggers.

While insight and coping mechanisms are key first steps, true transformation comes not just from being aware of how the past has influenced the present, but from processing through the mental, physical, emotional, and neurological remnants of those previous experiences.

Integrative, trauma-informed counsellling goes beyond foundational skills to empower you to move past awareness and symptom management to true healing.

The techniques and approaches we use, include:


Based on the understanding that our behavioural patterns, personality, and identity are developed and shaped by early experiences, this approach brings to light the implicit memories and unconscious processes from the past that are impacting the present.


Guided by the principle that genuine human interaction involves the whole person – mind, body and emotions, Gestalt Psychotherapy helps us explore the essential parts of ourselves that we have learned to block so that we can maintain relationships.

Somatic and Sensorimotor 

Somatic therapy is a nervous-system based approach rooted in the understanding that the body stores information and memory in many ways. The techniques used work with body impulses and felt-experiences instead of the narratives our minds create. Sensorimotor therapy integrates Somatic techniques with cognitive and emotional processing to resolve trauma.

TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) 

is an evidence-based model for working with traumatized children and youth. The goal is to help the child or youth release the trauma through a variety of approaches and leave the child or youth with a sense of relief, mastery and safety. 

TF-CBT Incorporates education about trauma and the brain/ body connection, stress management, emotion regulation and coping skills, desensitization of the trauma reminders through gradual exposure, identification and correction of cognitive distortions and an opportunity for the child or youth to express their story through an medium that works with the child or youth’s interests for example a written, a song, poem, theatrical expression or any expressive means that suits the individual. The child and youth will meet with the therapist through individual sessions. Treatment with children and youth often works best when parents /caregivers are involved through their own sessions with the child and youth’s therapist. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT combines a number of approaches to reduce emotional distress of past and present circumstances.



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