Please Give Me the Magic!

 Feb 16, 2017 4:00 PM
by Sharon Kelly

Have you ever had the experience where one of your friends starts taking a new B vitamin and she swears it has changed her life. Because of her conviction you go straight to the health food store and buy the same vitamin. You take it religiously for a month and you do not notice anything. Nothing! The only thing that makes sense to you is that your friend had a placebo response.

There is one more possible explanation. Your friend’s body needed the supplement and your body didn’t. This is the essence of individualized medicine. We are all born with different genes and this leads to different demands for nutrients. Additionally, our bodies are under different kinds of stresses and this also leads to different nutrient demands.

Let me give you an example: If your friend who took the B vitamin was under a tremendous amount of stress because her twins were not sleeping through the night then her body likely REALLY needed the B vitamin. As a result she would feel amazing taking it. On top of this if she was a long term vegetarian and has been eating a low protein diet since the kids were born she would also likely feel amazing taking the B vitamin.

Breaking down stress hormones and making energy is highly dependent on B vitamins. Additionally, vegetarian proteins do not have any vitamin B12 which is needed to maintain energy levels. Therefore her body responded very well to the vitamin and it felt like a life changer

Now If I have a moderate amount of stress, I sleep well and I eat meat I will likely feel like the supplement has had very little impact.

Accurate lifestyle and supplementation intervention can change the trajectory of your health. Figuring out what your body needs to support its optimal functioning is the key to preventive medicine.


Sharon Kelly
Dr. Sharon Kelly BSc (Hon.), N.D., Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor is the founder of Bayview Natural Health Clinic. She has been in family practice in Toronto for over 10 years. Sharon’s approach to patient care is to look for and address the underlying causes of the disease. Her special interest is preventative medicine.




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