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Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession, which aims at restoring, maintaining and maximizing overall mobility, function, and well- being and preventing injury and disease.

Physiotherapists are experts in human movement and are trained to diagnose and treat specific problems in the joints, muscles, connective tissues and nerves. Physiotherapists have in depth knowledge of joint biomechanics, anatomy of the muscles and nerves, and an understanding of how the body must function as a whole to prevent injury. Physiotherapy involves rehabilitation, injury and chronic pain prevention, as well as expertise regarding posture, alignment and exercise/fitness regimens. Registered Physiotherapists have attained a Masters Degree in the science of physical therapy and passed both a written and clinical national examination. 

What to expect during the initial assessment:

Physiotherapy at BNHC is always an individualized process- our physiotherapist takes the time to listen and understand your concerns. Physiotherapy assessment involves obtaining an in depth history including your individual symptoms, aggravating/easing factors and past medical history. Physiotherapists then use hands on techniques and tests including range of motion and strength testing, movement patterning and alignment scans, neurological testing, special tests for specific injuries and palpation to ensure an accurate diagnosis is achieved.

What do treatment sessions include?

Treatment sessions are always tailored to our patient’s needs and goals for rehab. Our physiotherapist ensures the patient understands their condition fully to allow the therapist and patient to work together to achieve the best outcome. Our physiotherapist utilizes a variety of techniques throughout the rehab process to ensure improvements continue to be achieved and to prevent re-injury. Some hands on approaches consist of: soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilizations, acupuncture, and taping. Our physiotherapist strongly believes in the patient taking on an active role in the rehab process and as such specific exercises and stretches will be encouraged to maintain and increase improvements made in session. Physiotherapy often includes balance, stability, proprioception, gait and alignment training. 

What conditions do physiotherapists treat?

Physiotherapists are trained to treat a variety of conditions and concerns throughout the body. Some of these conditions include:

- Back pain and neck pain including disc hernations, joint concerns and muscle pain

- Chronic pain 

- Pelvic health complaints and pre/post pregnancy care

- Sports injuries including strains, sprains and muscle tears

- Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis

- Overuse and work related injuries

- Poor posture/alignment and scoliosis 

- Rotator cuff tears

- TMJ disorders

- Post surgical rehabilitation including ACL and rotator cuff surgery, fractures, total knee and hip replacements, and more!

- Nerve impingement and sciatica 

-Myofascial pain/trigger point relief 

-Personalized exercise/fitness plans to assist in improving strength, stability, mobility, endurance and function

… and more!


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©  2019  BAYVIEW NATURAL HEALTH CLINIC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. | Designed by Digit Digital Media

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