Getting To Know Dr. Tracey Beaulne

 Jun 21, 2018 1:30 PM
by Tracey Beaulne

Getting to Know Dr. Tracey Beaulne!

What is your favourite recipe?

Tri-colour hot or cold quinoa salad

Ingredients needed:

- 11/2 cup- Bob’s Red Mill Tri-colour Quinoa, cooked in rice cooker

- 1 cup- green beans--- steamed 

-1 cup cooked sliced cremini mushrooms- sautéed on low heat with EVOO and a dash of A. Vogel Herbamare 

-1 cup diced celery- sautéed on low heat with EVOO and a dash of A. Vogel Herbamare

-1/2 cup of chopped chives


Mix all ingredients together for a yummy hot or cold salad—top with Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and some EVOO.  

What Book are You Reading?

The Psychobiotic Revolution—Mood, Food and the New Science of the Gut-Brain Connection by Scott C. Anderson with John F. Cryan and Ted Dinan

I have been following the research publications of Dr. Cryan and Dr. Dinan for years—both are leaders in the field in microbiome science, both are part of the APC Microbiome Ireland, and their group is the impetus behind the launch of the first World Microbiome Day.  I was very excited when they released their new book on psychobiotics--  Ted coined the term psychobiotic years ago and it encapsulates a lot of what is going on between our gut (second brain) and our brain.  Think of a psychobiotic as a probiotic for your brain, but it is any targeted intervention for the microbiome that supports brain health.  This includes food (high in fibre, polyphenols, omega 3 fatty acids and fermented foods) probiotics, prebiotics and fecal transplants.  The book is full of cutting edge practical information on the gut-brain-microbiome axis.  With the easy to follow writing style of veteran science journalist Scott Anderson, you come away with a thorough understanding of everything that the neuroscientists studying the microbiome know!  I especially enjoyed the last chapter on the future of psychobiotics, as the science is truly in its infancy, but on the cusp of a revolution in how we understand and treat brain health.  As an aside, I had the privilege of interviewing John Cryan in the Microbiome Summit for Town Hall Medicine (a partnership between the University of Toronto and Genuine Health). We covered a lot of the topics covered in his book and then some!  

What do you believe has had the biggest impact on your health?

It is difficult to say any single factor has the biggest impact since I rate diet, sleep, meditative diaphragmatic breathing and movement on the same continuum.  All are lifestyle factors that I work at daily.  When I neglect to meditate with deep diaphragm breathing on a daily basis I definitely notice my stress resiliency go down and get right back at it.  

How do you get your kids to eat enough vegetables? 

Thankfully my kids love vegetables, are very good eaters and are at an age where I still have control over their diet!   I am that ND mom who constantly talks to my kids about making good food choices and we eat almost all of our meals at home with real food ingredients.  It’s all they know! Fingers crossed the habits we created will stick with them for life.  Although they’ve been known to lament that their mom is a health doctor! 

What product can you not live without?  

There are so many products!  But I can’t live without probiotics.  I discovered them (Yakult) when I lived in Japan back in 1993 and they are one of the things that healed my tummy and continues to keep it well.  I continuously follow probiotic research and am excited for the day when we will be able to customize probiotics to each individual person’s microbiome.

What is your best stress management tool?  

I learned to meditate in 2001 when I took my first Mind Body Medicine course at the Benson-Henry Institute (BHI) at the Harvard Medical School.  But it wasn’t until 2008 when I had my first child and a major health crisis that I embraced diaphragmatic meditative breathing as a daily ritual.  

Tracey Beaulne
Dr. Tracey Beaulne B.A. (Hons.), N.D., R. Ac is an experienced clinician and has been practicing for over 15 years.




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