Remembering the Importance of Self Care

 Nov 1, 2017 12:00 PM
by Carla Kamendy

Even Chiropractors Need Treatment

As a mom of two small girls (2.5 years and 7 months), I am completely stuck in the middle of the exhausted yet wonderful awe, chaos and overwhelming busy-ness that is parenting/life. This means I have come to realize that life is too busy to do it all, or rather all by yourself. Since my second daughter was born, I have been trying to figure out how to get it all done, how to be the “everything” mom. Working, cleaning, laundry, healthy cooking, exercising, playing with my girls, the list goes on, and as of now, I don’t have a clue how to get it all done – in fact I am finding it all quite stressful and overwhelming. So I have realized I need help. Correction, I need to ask for help. So, when I asked our resident (and amazing) nutritionist Megan for help – she did just that. Imagine this – I now have a healthy meal plan complete with recipes…even a shopping list! And now, I can actually make healthy cooking happen. 

Along with my exhaustion, I am also starting to experience many of the aches, pains and sicknesses associated with parenting. Whether it is from transferring a sleeping toddler to their bed; carrying a heavy and awkward car seat; breastfeeding; making room in bed for one (or two) sick children…you get the picture.  Whatever the cause, my body is not always happy with me lately, and I need for it to be happy to be able to care for my children and my patients. 

I remember when I started my practice 10 years ago, I found myself advising new parents on ideal baby carrying and feeding techniques, proper sleeping positions and more in order to prevent pain or injuries. Well, I am nothing if not humble. I am sorry moms and dads – I get it now that I am a parent. There is often no time/mental energy to think about ideal anything when dealing with a crying, feverish or teething child. So, when you undoubtedly get hurt by your children (accidentally let’s hope), be sure to make yourself a priority and seek out treatment. Getting rid of pain or learning how to manage your pain can do wonders not just for your physical health but for your mental health too. We cannot be our best selves (wife, husband, employee or parent) if we are in pain. This past week, I finally got treated (chiropractic and massage therapy) and I actually have a bounce in my step again. I can move without groaning and be the bouncy horse my daughter keeps insisting I be. 

Not only can seeing a chiropractor to help your pain, but we can give you tips and tricks to help yourself when you hurt. The key is to learn what to do for the injury you have, and that is where we can help. Even just a few minutes of self-administered treatment goes a long way. Ice and heat therapy can be an almost immediate pain relief (even if short lived), when used properly. I say this as I type with a heating pack across my shoulders. We can give injury specific stretches and exercises to speed your recovery and help your pain. Let us help you get out of pain and back to more important things. Like wrestling with your little ones on the bed or giving piggyback rides...

Carla Kamendy
Dr. Carla Kamendy BSc. (HKin), D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic is the Chiropractor at Bayview Natural Health Clinic. She has been in family practice in Toronto for over 9 years.




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