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Cassia Rocha

Cassia Rocha

Cassia Rocha D.O(UK), BSc(Hons)

A need to help others in very specific, personal ways, and her own search for personal healing brought Cassia to Osteopathy —not something to do with bones, in her view, but with Service and a subtle, deep conversation with Health as a powerful transformative force. The body is a whole, not a sum of parts, and can heal itself if accessed in the proper way. As a principle, this has deep implications and makes very delicate, subtle touch seem almost magical in view of the results achieved. These results often encompass not only the main complaint, but also the patient’s general Health and well-being. Overall, Biodynamic Osteopathic treatment can be a deep, transformative experience.

Only the hands are used to treat complaints that range from bones and articulations to the functioning of the body’s internal organs and even conditions such as anxiety and depression.

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The osteopath performs a kind of deep fine tuning in the body by accessing invisible, but palpable, minute rhythmic cycles which organize our functioning.
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This view of the body as a whole is only possible after years of study and a deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology. In the UK, where Cassia obtained her BSc in 2004 at the European School of Osteopathy (ESO), the practise of Osteopathy requires by law at least 5,000 hours academic studies and 1,000 treatments under supervision.

In her practice of Osteopathy, Cassia found the perfect way to integrate the values and ideas that had driven her previous careers.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she initially found in Biology the expression for her love of Nature, empathy with all living beings and early concern with our presence as humans on this Planet. As a journalist, Cassia further explored communication and human relations in their complexity and sought a channel to express her desire for a better world. A natural form of Medicine that establishes a deep bond between practitioner and patient, Osteopathy was the natural consequence of what Cassia had already been exploring.

Cassia has lived in New Zealand and the UK. As part of her continuing education, she carries on learning traditional Osteopathy in the US with the founder of the Biodynamic approach. A member of the General Osteopathic Council (UK), the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners (Canada) and the Registro Brasileiro dos Osteopatas (Brazil), Cassia has taught for 5 years at the ESO. She speaks fluent French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.


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