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Antoine Depoux

Antoine Depoux

Antoine Depoux DO (France), Master’s Level
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner  

Antoine pursued his osteopathic education at École Supérieure d’Ostéopathie (ESO SUPOSTÉO Paris), where he completed a rigorous five year program that integrates academic studies and extensive clinical experience.

École Supérieure d’Ostéopathie partners with universities, hospitals and the American Academy of Osteopathy. It adheres to the International Society of Osteopathy’s and World Health Organization’s standards of training and is regulated and accredited by France’s Ministry of Health.

Antoine has been helping patients, including pregnant women, athletes, people with disabilities, as well as seniors, restore the balance to their bodies’ systems. He knows that these systems are not only inter-connected, but are impacted by our surroundings and life’s stresses and strains.

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Like fish in a river, we are affected by our environment and life’s currents… my job is to help the body course correct and adapt, so that you can continue to swim unimpeded. 
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Antoine’s post graduate research focused on understanding and treating pain following laparoscopic surgery. His continuing studies have included perinatal care for pregnant women and infants and scoliosis and posture as it relates to optometry, podiatry and ENT issues. He can address chronic pain, post-operative issue, degenerative neuropathy and many other health concerns.  

Antoine welcomes all patients and is interested in solving all health challenges.  He can discuss matters regarding your care in French, as well as English. 

Antoine is a member of the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners. 

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