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Healing Through Writing Workshop: Summer Session

 Jul 28, 2017 2:30 PM
by Sharon Kelly

  • Healing Through Writing Workshop: Summer Session
  • Cost: $60/person
  • When: Wednesday August 16th from 6:30-8:30pm

Join Allison McDonald, freelance writer and writing workshop facilitator, ​for an evening of writing and exploring your own story. This workshop does not require any prior experience with writing. It is ​for anyone drawn to writing in some way, whether you write in a ​journal and are curious about exploring new ways of expressing yourself o​r are simply intrigued by the idea. This is not a class to teach you how to write—this is a class to teach you how to heal—using pen, paper and mindfulness techniques.

This workshop is designed to teach you to use expressive writing ​combined with meditation as a tool for your personal healing. Just as one might develop a meditation or yoga practice, healing writing is a special technique that, once made available to you, will help to heal old wounds and clear up patterns and emotions that are no longer serving you.

​We will learn to explore writing in a new way that has nothing to do with style, grammar, spelling or how "good" you are.​ You will be gently guided through the key steps and exercises of developing your own healing writing practice, which you can then take with you anywhere, anytime.

About Allison: ​

Allison McDonald is a ​mom, writer, greeting card designer and expressive writing workshop facilitator. Allison has written for a variety of Canadian publications on lifestyle and health ​topics and is also the owner and designer of September Project Cards, an eco-friendly greeting card line sold through Etsy and in stores around Ontario.

For more about Allison you can visit her website at or email her at​ Some recent feedback from Healing Through Writing workshop participants:  

"You have a gift for allowing people to open up and feel safe about feeling and expressing  their “stuff”. Keep up the great work you are doing.”- K. Oxley

Call or email the clnic to secure your spot. Space is limited

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Sharon Kelly
Dr. Sharon Kelly BSc (Hon.), N.D., Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor is the founder of Bayview Natural Health Clinic. She has been in family practice in Toronto for over 10 years. Sharon’s approach to patient care is to look for and address the underlying causes of the disease. Her special interest is preventative medicine.



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